Monday, November 15, 2010

FYI...All we do is WIN!

A few disclaimers before reading this post...

1. I'm a very proud Auburn fan and am very excited about how our season has turned out. I hope I'm not jinxing the remainder of the 2010 Auburn football season by posting this video. Since this video has played in Jordan-Hare prior to every home game I believe I would not be able to take soul credit for any bad luck which may occur from this point forward.

2. I'm a very proud Auburn fan (I know it just said this), but I'm an Auburn fan living in the heart of Gamecock country. I'd like to think I've remained humble throughout the season, but now my dear sweet USC friends...I'm going to do a little boasting via the following video.

3. I'm a very proud Auburn fan (again, I know), but I'm not a fan of the "rap music". The lyrics are little yucky for my taste, so I wouldn't play this for small children, especially those who repeat everything they hear.

I just want to remind all my USC friends that at Auburn (at least in the Fall of 2010)....all we've done is WIN WIN WIN! I eagerly await our meeting again on Dec 4th in Atlanta!

Auburn to date: 11-0
USC to date: 7-3


And P.S. to those who try to post comments as "Anonymous"...if you stand behind your team, don't try to post a comment on my blog in such a cowardly way. Reminder, this is my blog and therefore my opinion...if you don't like what I have say, then simply stop reading my blog.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pep talk to Auburn, Love Ruth Ann

I couldn't have said it better myself! WAR EAGLE!!

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Water sliding the afternoon away

While we were at Disney Ruth Ann fell in love the pool at our resort...especially the slides. The precious picture of her sliding and laughing in the previous post was the "baby" slide...she quickly mastered that slide and moved onto the big kid slide...

So, after I saved this video to my computer, to You Tube and then to the blog I found a typo in my captions...The last caption should have read "...thanks for escourting ME to the top..." If it didn't take so long and involve so many steps I would correct it, but I have better ways to spend my afternoon!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I survived!!

So some of you know my mom decided in April to cash in some Disney Vacation Club points and treat me, Ruth Ann, Toni (Sister-in-law) and Ada (Niece) to a girls trip to Disney in December. I agreed to the trip but April was the month Arch and I decided we were ready for a 2nd and final baby and in the back of my mind I thought "Gee, I might be 8 months pregnant." But my best friend Andrea was the voice of reason and brought me back to reality by reminding me how many months (18ish) it took to get pregnant the first time and there was no way I was going to get pregnant so quickly this time...but God had other plans and I realized several weeks later Baby Boy would be arriving mid-January making me 8 months pregnant on our Disney trip. I foolishly thought it wouldn't be a problem...the weather would be great and I wouldn't even mind...apparently enough time had passed between my 1st pregnancy to my 2nd because I'm 7 months pregnant now and feel exhausted...clearly, I was out of my mind! Thankfully, when we told my mom I was expecting she immediately realized the timeline as it pertained to our Disney trip and moved our vacation to October. I have tons of pictures to post, but I'll leave you with this for now...

Disney may be known as the Happiest Place on Earth...but with a sassy toddler there was a little of this...


and a little of that...


But there were also a lot of these...


and those...


And we ended the vacation by meeting the Big Mouse...


We're headed home in the morning and I'm ready to let Arch hold at least one of our 2 children...I'm tired of holding them both! I'm not looking forward to the long ride home tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to sleeping soundly in my own bed when I get there!

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