Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall has arrived

Fall and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that the humidity is decreasing but I hate to see the warm summer nights ending. I love that football season has arrived but I hate the annual reminder of how many years it has been since I was last a student on The Plains (for you non-Auburn folks, that's another term for my beloved Alma Mater). I love getting out clothes I haven't seen in months but I hate when my jeans seem tighter than they did last year. And I hate that it's dark when I wake up in the morning but I love that I can get in my pj's at 7:30 because it's getting dark which grants me permission to get ready for bed. I hope everyone else is enjoying the beginning of Fall.

Here's a picture from bath time tonight. I think it's super cute...Arch felt like it was not appropriate for public viewing on the blog, but guess who does the posting?? Besides, I think I protected her modesty with good camera position....


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Friday, September 25, 2009

Bigger & Bigger

What's that saying..."The Bigger the Better"...I obviously am a believer.

Here are Ruth Ann's latest bows...they're huge, I know.




But I can't seem to stop myself. She's only 9 1/2 months old and should probably still be wearing the little tiny baby bows, but I can't seem to help myself. Every time I log onto Ebay the first thing I start searching for is bows...and because I now have every imaginable color in small bows, I've moved onto the big girls bows...bigger is definitely always better!

And a funny picture, just because. I've been trying to teach Ruth Ann different "tricks"'s Ruth Ann's response to the following...

"Ruth Ann, where's your tongue?"


Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The first of many...

One of my favorite memories from childhood is my mom picking me up from school and taking me to The Shoe Box in Lexington for a new pair of Keds (if you read my blog and are from Lexington I'm sure you bought all your Keds and Westies there too...unfortunately it closed many years ago, so I can't take Ruth Ann there too). I could not begin to tell you how many pairs of Keds I wore during my I'm passing this tradition on to my baby girl...she got her first pair this week!


Is there anything better than a pair of fresh Keds??


Here's Ruth Ann inspecting her new tennies...



Since Ruth Ann seems content with crawling and has no interest in cruising or walking, I feel the bottoms of these shoes will never touch the ground and will look just as shiny and new when she out grows them!

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Just cute

I made another really cute shirt for Ruth Ann and she just looked so cute wearing it that I had to take a picture...


I do love to put her in pink, but I think blue is her color...she always looks great in blue!

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To the zoo...

This past weekend we headed to the zoo with Ada, Aunt Toni and Grammy. We started off visiting the baby fl amigos...they were so cute & they still had white feathers! The shrimp the fl amigos eat are what turn them pink or orangish. These babies haven't had their fill of shrimp just yet...


Then we headed over to the farm. The last time we went to the zoo we wanted Ada to ride the ponies, but they asked her age and we very honestly told them she was only one. This time we were helps that Ada looks older than she actually is...



However, we still weren't successful...Grumpy is going to have to start working on her horse back riding skills!


We also visited the goats...everyone else wanted pictures of the better looking goat, but I wanted one of this fellow...


Next was the giraffes...this friendly fellow was ready to see Ruth Ann...she was wearing her giraffe outfit, so he must have know she was a friend, but it didn't hurt that we had food to feed him!



And my favorite...the meerkats, they're so cute and the exhibit is very kid friendly!


And we did a little posing with Grammy...this was just after we tried to get Ada to ride the ponies, so she didn't really trust us to put her on anything, breathing or not...


But the biggest event of the day was that Ruth Ann made it through the zoo & she was still awake when we exited! This is the first time she has made it through a zoo trip awake the entire baby is getting so big!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009

I heart pets!

I've always loved pets, but haven't always had pets around to love and to be loved by. My first cat was a Ernie. My only memories of Ernie are in pictures, so anything I know about Ernie has come to me via stories from my mom or grandma. My Grandma...whom Ruth Ann is named after...loved cats. I've said before that Arch should really blame her for my love of cats because I know she instilled this in me from a very young age. She gave me my very first cat...the above mentioned, Ernie. He was a beautiful white longed haired kitten and I very nearly loved him to death...literally. I'm told that I would take himwith me into the bath tub and throw him because my Grandma loved cats, she rescued Ernie and I didn't have another pet until I was 5 years old when my Grandma gave me my second cat...Precious. Several other cats followed, all of whom I have loved deeply and at times get a little teary when I think of them.

We didn't have a lot of dogs growing up until I was in the 6th grade and we moved to "The Country". We then had a long line of beagles who seemed to run away or end up on the highway near our house. That breed has a hard time looking out for where they're going when they're following their noses so intently. Now I have Shelby...who is on an extended vacation at my parents house until Ruth Ann is walking so I don't spend all my time with her cleaning dog hair off of her legs and fishing it out of her mouth...gross, I know. Griff (or Griffy Dog as we like to call him) lives outside so he continues to reside at our home.

I love watching Ruth Ann interact with them and am so glad that she's going to alway have memories of loving her cats and dogs. Here she is playing with her pets this week...


Doesn't it look like she's being so sweet to Lacie Lou...but wait for it...


Gotcha! I can't help but notice the look of pleasure on Ruth Ann's face as she tries to remove Lacie's left ear. We'll work on this!


Judging by how she treats Lacie, I'm not sure who the glass is really keeping safe.

Later that night at bath time, this is where I found Lacie...


She may have to find a better spot to hide when Ruth Ann gets a little bit older.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ruth Ann's tour of the South East

I have officially awarded Ruth Ann the title of "World's Best Baby". To all my friends of small children, please don't be offended...I'm sure all your kids are fabulous too, however, when you read what I put Ruth Ann through this weekend, you too will agree with her latest title.

This past weekend my cousin Lynn got married in Nashville. Lynn announced her engagement to Mario earlier this summer and immediately my mom and I knew we wanted to be there. My mom had suggested we fly, however, the flight that landed on the Hudson's River had just happened and thoughts of flying with an infant scared me to death. I also have a friend who use to drive to Nashville on occasion and she didn't seem to make the drive seem too bad...FYI...Nashville is very far away from Columbia and from hence forth I will be flying to and from Nashville.

We started out Friday morning and head to Nashville via the mountains of North Carolina. Ruth Ann peacefully slept in the backseat and we barely heard a peep out of her all day...8 hours in the car. We made stops for diaper changes, bottles and feedings, but when she was in the car she was mostly sleeping or gazing out the windows. We finally rolled into Nashville around 6pm and headed to dinner with the Becker family. Since Ruth Ann had spent the vast majority of her day snoozing she was completely pleasant while we dined on Mexican food at Mario's favorite restaurant.

The hotel we stayed in was very close to the Grand Ole Opry, so Saturday after we did a little shopping we took a tour of the Opry. We didn't spot any country music celebs...the closest we got to country music royalty was our tour guide whose father writes music with Keith Urban...not too impressive. What I thought was impressive was Ruth Ann trying out her own vocal stylings in front of the Opry.


Here are some other pictures from the Opry...




Ruth Ann got a chance to meet some of her cousins while we were in Nashville. My cousin Jenny has 2 daughters who were fantastic babysitters when I needed an extra set of arms to hold Ruth Ann. Here she is with Kasey...


And here's Kasey's older sister Tayler...


Not a great picture of Ruth Ann, but a good one of Tayler.

Then Sunday was the big wedding. We all headed over to Lynn's house to help decorate of the reception which was being hosted by Lynn's neighbor. Here's some of the workers in action...

(This is my dad's cousin, Pat, taping down table clothes.)

(This is my Uncle Eddie supervising the work of his son-in-law, Tony.)

(This is my dad and my Uncle JR...I guess you could say their monitoring the work being done)


Sadly, all these chairs would never hold guests, the tables would never hold dinner plates and the touches would never burn...we got stuck in the middle of a terrible storm with tornado watches and all. So the party moved in doors...however, Ruth Ann was experiencing a little bit of a tummy ache so we didn't stay at the reception for long. Here are the 2 pictures I got from the reception...



So my mom, Kasey and I all headed back to the hotel with Ruth Ann for a slumber party...



While we were in Nashville I talked to my friend Mandy who lives in Huntsville, Al. She said we were just an hour and half away from her so we decided to go back home via Alabama to stop in to visit the Hiller family.


(Ruth Ann's sweet college roommate...Julianna)


Julianna showed Ruth Ann how to play with this toy.





Then we got back in the car to complete the longest leg of our journey...8 hours later we rolled into our driveway. Of course that means we stopped for lunch, dinner and bottle breaks...but all the while Ruth Ann slept peacefully in her car seat or looked out the window. So I think I've presented sufficient evidence to prove my claim that Ruth Ann has earned her title of world's best baby. If anyone wants to challenge her title I'll be happy to hear your argument...however, it will take a lot to take this away from her!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9 months old...

...and ready be to see the Auburn Tigers play! I can't believe Ruth Ann is 9 months old and that football season kicks off this week. I've already had a talk with Ruth Ann and warned her that her first football season may be the toughest year to be an Auburn or lose at least she'll look cute watching those Auburn Tigers!


It's hard to believe Ruth Ann is just 3 months away from her 1st birthday. Here are Ruth Ann's accomplishments at 9 months...

~crawling...much to quickly for us to keep her out of trouble
~babbling a lot ("mama", "dada", "bwah", "nini", "titi", & "ha")
~pulling up to her knees
~playing peek-a-boo or as we like to call it "Where's Ruth Ann??"
~eating puffs, but hates stage 3 foods...they trigger a severe gag reflex

We're heading to the doctor tomorrow so I'll have stats to post later in the day. Until then here are some more pictures of my tiny tiger! Don't worry USC friends, she has a yard bird...oops, I mean gamecock...shirt to wear on Thursday!



Okay, so I may be reading into this, but I think Ruth Ann is attempting to say "WARRRRRR Eagle, Hey!"


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