Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best of Times & The Worst of Times

Okay, I wouldn't exactly describe any of the following events as the "Worst of Times" because I'm going to be talking about my visit to Auburn and there is nothing terrible about a visit to Auburn! But this weekend definitely had some high Highs and some low Lows...the title of this post may be a little too dramatic.

High: We rolled out of Lexington with my parents camper in tow and made excellent time in our travels to Auburn.

Low: Pulling a camper may save you some dollars by avoiding sky high hotel rates...but the amount of gas needed to pull that load in a diesel truck is a little more than we're use to spending on our drive down there.

High: We had planned on putting the camper up next to my friend Candi's family. She and her kids weren't coming to the game, but her husband, parents, brother and cousins were all going to be there for the game. (Candi was my roommate at Auburn, she's one of my closest friends and she now lives in Houston, TX, so we don't get to see each other often). We arrived in Auburn safe and sound and when I located her family's camper site I was surprised to find she was there with her kids! I was so excited...especially since I talked to her on Wednesday prior and she told me they weren't planning on coming to any games. She had decided to surprise me as a belated b-day gift and it was the BEST gift to get to spend time with her and see our kids play together...Ruth Ann and Reagan playing make up 99% of the pictures I took, which I'll post later.

Low: The weekend was too short and there is so much to do while I'm in Auburn that I didn't get to spend near enough time chatting and laughing with Candi.

High: Candi's kids played with Ruth Ann and Spencer for most of the day on Friday and I love seeing my kids playing with my friends's kinda like the circle of life and it just gives me a warm feeling.

Low: While Candi and I did some grocery shopping I left Ruth Ann in Arch's care. Under her father's supervision she locked herself in the camper...power on and air conditioning running, so she was fine. Looking back I think they should have left her in there since she was in desperate need of a nap. Eventually she would have fallen asleep. Thankfully Reagan (Candi's daughter) was there and she was able to get into the camper after they worked a window and screen open.

High: I bought a cute orange and blue dress for Ruth Ann to wear next year for tailgate.

Low: Spencer wandered off from tailgate to find his step-father only to show back up with a garnet shirt that read "Beat Auburn"...believe me when I say it has taken every ounce of self-control I have to not ask him how that shirt worked out for him. I'm a terrible loser, I'll admit it, but I'd like to think I'm a gracious winner. So I've done zero taunting to my family regarding our win...the words War Eagle have not left my lips since our win and I didn't even wear an Auburn t-shirt home on Sunday. I'd like to think this is out of the kindness of my heart, but actually it's because I left the game when Auburn was down 20-7 to rejoin Candi's family because I was so disgusted by the game I was watching and felt my time would be better spent with my friend who lives a 1000 miles away from me rather than suffer a humiliating defeat...which I'll get into later.

High: Although it was hot, there was a nice breeze while were outside. The Clark family joined us in Auburn and one of their friends is an Auburn fan who likes to tailgate in style. She invited us to her tailgate which was in the suites at the Auburn Arena. At first I was hesitant about the set up because I was imagining an all indoor friends, it was fabulous! The suites are ground level and have an outdoor patio area that leads out to the stadium. For those of you familiar with Auburn the arena was built in the student parking area behind the stadium. You are a stones throw away from the stadium and it's air conditioned! It was fabulous...if anyone ever invites you to join them in the suites for tailgating...go quickly!

Low: Our camper was parked within walking distance of the stadium, but it was a long walk. The buses weren't up and running when we were ready to join the Clark's friends on campus so had to walk in. Things started out rough for me when I took what Brantley described as a graceful fall to the ground. I don't know what happened...I was the only one (besides Spencer...he's underage) who had not been drinking and I'm not sure what I tripped on but I sure enough fell straight to the ground. I felt like it was in slow motion so I managed to land on the side of my leg and my bottom so Baby Boy was just fine. Arch claims the fall was so quick he couldn't get to me to stop it from happening but I totally believe a natural instinct took over to keep me from falling forward (we were walking down a gravel covered hill) to keep baby safe. Some bruises have shown up this morning, but I bruise like a peach so it was to be expected.

High: Kick off was scheduled for 6:45 pm CST & I love a night game!

Low: We had toyed with the idea of taking Ruth Ann in the game so we got her a ticket to the game. But with kick-off being close to bedtime we ended up taking her to my cousins house at 3pm (which meant part of my afternoon was spent riding back to the camper to drive Ruth Ann to my cousins and then driving back to campus to rejoin my family). This also left us with an extra ticket we couldn't sell...I thought Gamecock fans were going to flock to Auburn since they were ranked higher than we were leaving tickets to be difficult to find before the game. I was wrong...people were giving away tickets before the game...oh well, live and learn...we won't be buying our tickets in advance the next time with attend a football game. Arch's favorite part is the haggling anyway, so I should have let him do what he does best!

High: We got in the game in time for all the pre-game festivities, including the release of the eagle.

Low: Although our tickets were purchased through an Auburn fan...they were smack in the middle of the USC section. Great for listening to the USC band and their cheerleaders, but HORRIBLE if you wanted to hear the Auburn band and if you wanted to get your hands up for Bodda-Getta. To say I was bummed about our seats is an understatement. Especially when Carolina scored 3 touchdowns to Auburn's 1 in the first quarter and half and every time my husband would high five those around us and look at me and say "This is going to be a good game!"...oh, how I've wanted to throw those words back in his face, but again, I'm a gracious winner, so I've remained silent. For those who attended Auburn or grew up going to Auburn games you'll understand this...99% of the fun of game day is the feeling you get when you're cheering with your Auburn family as the band takes the field and in unison you sing the fight song. I haven't been in Jordan-Hare for a football game in 3 years and I was looking forward to those chills and the ear deafening cheers as the football players rushed out of the locker room...but being in the visitors section with the sound of the USC band playing their fight song caused all of what I love most about a football game to be drowned out. At first I thought I would just push through and do my very best to make the most out of where I was sitting...but I grew uncomfortable cheering loudly in a group of people who were not wishing my team the best. I'll cheer for USC during any other game they play...I'll enjoy 2001 and I'll cheer along with the cheerleaders, but not at Jordan-Hare. I live 20 minutes from Williams Brice, I'll go there to sit with USC fans, but not in Auburn. Anyway, when USC went so far ahead of Auburn, I simply couldn't take it anymore and I left. Not because I gave up on my team, but because I was on the verge of tears (keep in mind I'm 6 months pregnant...tears flow easily) and wanted out, out, out. I made my way back to the campers and enjoyed the rest of the game with friends I don't see very often and enjoyed it just as much as if I had been in the Home section. However, because I didn't stay I forfeited all rights to gloat about our exciting come from behind victory.

And finally...

High: Auburn, #10 (AP Top 25 rankings)

Low: (At least for all my USC friends and family) USC #20

But fear not my USC friends...I'll be your biggest supporter in the state of South Carolina on October 9th when I'm hoping you'll upset Alabama!!!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rough Lovin'

I tell Ruth Ann daily she is lucky to have 2 kitty cats who put up with her as well as they do...




Her lovin' is rough, but as a cat lover myself I'm so happy she has a soft spot for kitties too!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Christmas in September

Last year for Christmas Ruth Ann got a kitchen set from her Grammy. Then for 9 months it sat in the box in the dining room waiting for assembly and for her daddy to move the non-operational piano that sat in the dining room in the spot I envisioned the kitchen sitting. I routinely reminded Arch of how much he enjoys his Christmas gift...the recliner in our living room...and finally with the added pressure of preparing the house for Baby Boy the piano got moved and I assembled the kitchen all by myself...

I wanted to surprise Ruth Ann when she got up from her nap, but she woke up on the wrong side of the crib that afternoon, so her first sight of the kitchen was through teary eyes. But those eyes dried up and soon she was cooking away...



Merry Christmas Ruth Ann...thanks Grammy!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newest Preschooler


Guess who started school in September...Ruth Ann...well, I call it school, but it's not like they're working on their logarithms yet. It's really just a Mother's Morning Out, and what a glorious morning it is for this mother. I've told friends I think the sun shines brighter when I leave the church after dropping Ruth Ann off. She has 2 very sweet teachers and she seems to be enjoying her time there. She's only there 1 day per week due to my work schedule vs. their drop off times. I'm considering moving her to a different program next year that allows for earlier drop offs and more days per week that she can attend. But we'll enjoy LBC while we're there...

When I dropped her off the first day they immediately offered her a snack...obviously they understand the way to my child's heart...


This class doesn't go outside to play because some of the children are not quite big enough to enjoy the playground...Ruth Ann & her classmates appear to be watching with jealous hearts as the big kids get to play outside...


When I saw Ruth Ann had her pacie in I asked if she had gotten upset while I was gone. Both teachers said no, she had just asked for it so they handed it to's in her church bag for emergencies only. Tricky little girl knows she only gets her pacie at nap time or bed time...I think she's going to love these ladies who give her whatever she asks for!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Final days of summer at the lake

As the end of summer approaches this means the end of days spent at the lake. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the lake, especially since my mom has a pool in her backyard, but Arch LOVES the lake so Ruth Ann has spent a few days at the lake house to make her daddy's day this summer. We spent Labor Day on the lake with my in-laws...



Ruth Ann is still a little too young to pull behind a boat, but she enjoyed watching Madison in the distance...


And her daddy loves for her to spend time on the boat...




But what I love the most about lake days are the long naps Ruth Ann takes while we're driving home and then once she gets in her crib. Goodbye Lake Murray, see you next year!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Way too far behind

Thanks to blogging I take lots of pictures of Ruth Ann...actually, I get the picture taking gene from my grandmother who was always behind the camera and rarely in front of one. As a child I loved looking at photo albums and I use to think my dream job would have been developing pictures so I could look at pictures all day long...thank goodness I didn't go that route since photo mats seem to be a thing of the past. However, in the last year I've done more taking of pictures than of developing pictures. I am ashamed to admit that I have not had one single picture developed in over a year! I have let this get out of control, so I made myself sit down and start loading pictures to MPix...which has great quality photos for a reasonable price...and this week will finally get up to date on my photo albums for Ruth Ann. I felt I needed to before Baby Boy arrives I let this problem get even more out of hand.

In completing this chore I have been looking back at Ruth Ann over the last year and I'm shocked at how much she has changed. I know it sounds crazy to some, but I look at her now and feel like she's always looked exactly like she looks now. I seem to have forgotten the little baby she was just a few short months ago...and oh my, it makes me want to sit in the corner and cry! If I feel this way now, I can't begin to understand what mothers feel like when their babies graduate from high school, get married or have babies of their own...I'm going to start trying to enjoy every minute...good, bad or ugly...with Ruth Ann and hope that I'll remember these days better than I'm remembering the days that have already gone by...until then, could someone please tell me where this baby has gone to...





I can't tell you the money I would give to go back and hold that little baby for just a little bit longer. Those cheeks are still just as sweet to kiss so I'm enjoying every minute I have with the toddler on her chin and all!


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Catch up

I've been a terrible blogger lately and the only thing I have to blame is my lack of patience...I hate waiting on my pictures to load to Flickr but this weekend I decided I had put it off long enough. We've been up to a little of this and a little of that...I'll start my catching you up with all our partying....


In August we celebrate 3 birthdays in a row...Arch's & our friends Christopher and Claire's b-day. Arch's b-days aren't as big a deal, so I don't have any pictures from his day, but here are some from Claire and Christopher's big days...

Claire's theme was a barnyard...there was a pony to ride and delicious cake to eat...



Here's the birthday girl enjoying a ride...


Then we headed home to nap and get ready for Christopher's party the same day. His party was a pirate you may be able to tell by the cute cake...


Here's the birthday boy playing outside...


There was a magician at this party who ended his act with balloon animals. The biggest request was for a's Betsy showing hers off...


Ruth Ann worked on her golf swing...


And then sat down for a drink of water and a little chatting with Betsy.



Whew...we were worn out after this day of fun!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A few years ago, shortly after I announced we were expecting Ruth Ann, my parents decided to put a pool in their backyard. My niece Ada was almost one at this point and with the idea of multiple grandchildren on the horizon my mom wanted to make sure her house was the happiest place on least to her granddaughters. So this pool wasn't going to be just any, it was going to have a diving board and slide. Of course we all felt the girls were years away from using the slide...although it has been fun for some of the bigger kids who frequent Grammy's Pool. But Ruth Ann has proved us all wrong.

A few weeks ago we were spending some quality time at the pool when Arch asked Ruth Ann if she wanted to slide with him down the slide. She had done this with several others so we weren't surprised when she started up the slide with her daddy. However, when then got to the top she started scooting forward like she wanted to take off on her own, so that was just what she did...over and over again all afternoon...


And she LOVED IT!! Here's the proof with a close up of the previous picture...


She was all smiles. But she loves anytime she gets to spend in Grammy's pool...



We don't thank Grammy often enough for putting a pool in for the girls, so Grammy, Ruth Ann (and her momma) want you to know how much we appreciate and enjoy our summer days in the pool!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Can you smell that??

It's the smell of football in the air! Football season has arrived and Ruth Ann was ready to get the day started in all orange!


This is actually a t-shirt Ruth Ann wore last football season. I thought about it this morning and decided to try it out just to see if it still fit. It's labeled 6-9 months, but it looks like we may get a few more extra weeks of wear out of this shirt. Then we'll save it for Baby Boy to wear next year!

War Eagle friends! Here's to an exciting and hopefully winning football season!

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