Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Newest Preschooler


Guess who started school in September...Ruth Ann...well, I call it school, but it's not like they're working on their logarithms yet. It's really just a Mother's Morning Out, and what a glorious morning it is for this mother. I've told friends I think the sun shines brighter when I leave the church after dropping Ruth Ann off. She has 2 very sweet teachers and she seems to be enjoying her time there. She's only there 1 day per week due to my work schedule vs. their drop off times. I'm considering moving her to a different program next year that allows for earlier drop offs and more days per week that she can attend. But we'll enjoy LBC while we're there...

When I dropped her off the first day they immediately offered her a snack...obviously they understand the way to my child's heart...


This class doesn't go outside to play because some of the children are not quite big enough to enjoy the playground...Ruth Ann & her classmates appear to be watching with jealous hearts as the big kids get to play outside...


When I saw Ruth Ann had her pacie in I asked if she had gotten upset while I was gone. Both teachers said no, she had just asked for it so they handed it to her...it's in her church bag for emergencies only. Tricky little girl knows she only gets her pacie at nap time or bed time...I think she's going to love these ladies who give her whatever she asks for!

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