Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A few years ago, shortly after I announced we were expecting Ruth Ann, my parents decided to put a pool in their backyard. My niece Ada was almost one at this point and with the idea of multiple grandchildren on the horizon my mom wanted to make sure her house was the happiest place on least to her granddaughters. So this pool wasn't going to be just any, it was going to have a diving board and slide. Of course we all felt the girls were years away from using the slide...although it has been fun for some of the bigger kids who frequent Grammy's Pool. But Ruth Ann has proved us all wrong.

A few weeks ago we were spending some quality time at the pool when Arch asked Ruth Ann if she wanted to slide with him down the slide. She had done this with several others so we weren't surprised when she started up the slide with her daddy. However, when then got to the top she started scooting forward like she wanted to take off on her own, so that was just what she did...over and over again all afternoon...


And she LOVED IT!! Here's the proof with a close up of the previous picture...


She was all smiles. But she loves anytime she gets to spend in Grammy's pool...



We don't thank Grammy often enough for putting a pool in for the girls, so Grammy, Ruth Ann (and her momma) want you to know how much we appreciate and enjoy our summer days in the pool!

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