Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Soccer 2013

So our soccer star has returned to the field...and in Arch's own words "She picked right up where she left off."

Picture day!

I was happy to see she seems to have remembered what she learned last which direction to kick the ball in...but she's also gotten better at trying to keep the ball in bounds. I was also VERY happy about the color of our team is Ruth Ann's signature color.

 She did score a few goals this week...I managed to get a quick picture of one, but her back is turned. I had to beg, borrow and steal to get her to wear a bow for the team & individuals picture before the game...and then I didn't remind her she was still wearing it when the game started. She's been very clear she DOES NOT want to wear a bow during her games...but what she didn't know didn't hurt her...she's the blond with the black bow pictured below...Arch said since she played so well she has to wear it every week...but I'm sure that won't be happening!


 A few of my favorite moments were...

 1~When I went to the end of the field to take this picture I looked up and happened to see the ball coming towards me with Ruth Ann hot in pursuit...the look on her face was fierce! The parents next to me, not knowing she was my baby, said "We'll win a lot of games with her on our team."  Her goal count was 4 this week...but she was headed for a 5th when her coach forgot which goal was ours and redirected her...luckily it was just about the end of the quarter so she didn't have time to score in the wrong goal accidentally!

 2~Shortly after the start of the game there was a little scrabble over the ball and several kids, Ruth Ann included, got knocked down and out of bounds...some of the others stood up crying...but Ruth Ann had the meanest scowl on her face directly squarely at the person she felt was responsible for knocking her to the ground. I've been told before I can be mean as a snake...this little apple didn't fall from her momma's tree...she's got a mean streak in her too, which both her daddy and I are pretty proud of!

 I'm looking forward getting know the other kids on our team this far it looks like a great group of kids and nice parents. Since our team practices are 1hr -1 1/2 hours long once a week it's a good thing the other families are nice because we get to spent a good amount of time together 2 times a week!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I've bought should too...

I've told several of my friends that I talk to in real life about one of my favorite blogs...Big Momma...she's hilarious, I love the way she writes and I'm pretty sure her husband and mine are long lost brothers or in the very least, could be really good friends. About a year and half ago she announced she was writing a book which I knew instantly I would be buying...I pre-ordered it and it hasn't arrived yet, but some of her other famous blogging friends are all talking about it and one posted a video promo for it today...mommas out there, I dare you to watch it and not tear up and want to go buy yourself a copy too....

SparklyGreenEarings4 from Big Mama on Vimeo.

My whole life I've struggled with not wanting to grow up...I think I've never been a fan of time passing quickly & seeing my children grow up so fast makes me even less of a fan.  My favorite line from the video is "It's as if we were living our lives in black and white & you brought the color."...what momma among us doesn't feel this way about their babies??

Since my copy hasn't arrived yet I haven't read the first page, but after years of reading her blog I promise it's going to be FABULOUS!! Now go buy yours...

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