Friday, September 12, 2008

Spencer meets Baby Tunmore

After weeks and months of waiting, our friends Auralee and Jay finally welcomed their son Christopher Edward Tunmore into their family. Here's Spencer holding Christopher for the first time.

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From Lexington to Columbus, GA, to Auburn, Al and back

This past weekend I decided to make a trip south to visit Amanda & Asher in Columbus, GA and Andrea & Anna in Auburn, AL. Here are some pictures from my journey...

Here's Amanda's little boy, Asher. I got to go with them to have his 9 month pictures taken. He did a great job!

Here's Amanda's older child...Tika. Tika is great with Asher and such a beautiful dog...and she knows it!

Andrea, Anna and myself just before the game. We didn't go it to the football game because it was 11:30 and way too hot for me or Anna to survive an entire football game. Instead we ate lunch at the Barbecue House in Auburn (a favorite of mine and Andrea's) and went back to Andrea's to rest and relax.

Me, Amanda and Asher. With some help for Sassy (Amanda's mom), Asher was all smiles for this picture. They took Asher into the football game for his first trip into Jordan-Hare Stadium and I'm told he was fantastic and a delight the entire game. He even got in a little nap during the game.

Too Cute! Here's Anna stylin' and profilin' in her new Auburn jersey. She decided to accessorize with the pink bracelet and glasses. We had a great visit...I left knowing that Anna loves her Aunt Tara.

Here's Amanda's husband Brad...what a humbling experience to strap your child on at the same campus where you made fun of the dads wearing their babies while we just young students. This picture marks the moment Brad realized we've reached a new phase in our lives!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Auburn...The Loviliest Village on the Plains

The beginning of fall means one thing to me...Auburn Football. The start of every season makes me miss those years I spent at Auburn, football games and good times with friends. Auburn was more than just college for me...the school, the tradition, the alumni, the town...they're all pieces you take with you when you leave Auburn after graduation and keep with you for the rest of your life. Growing up in South Carolina, I was a bit of a foreigner when I started at Auburn...but I quickly became one of the faithful members of the Auburn family in no time. Now, when football season begins here in South Carolina and garnet and black begins to be seen all around, I once more feel like a foreigner in my orange and blue. After my first football game at Auburn I became an Auburn Tiger and forever will be. There are times I spot another faithful Auburn Tiger in Gamecock Country, but we are bonded by 2 words...WAR EAGLE! For those of you who were fortunate enough to spend your college career at Auburn you know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you that didn't know a place like Auburn existed and went to college somewhere else...there's still hope. I've yet to meet someone who has visited Auburn on a football game day (or any other day) and not left saying what a great place it was and how nice the people were. If you ever have a chance...go to Auburn for a football doesn't matter who is playing, the atmosphere is always the same...FANTASTIC!

Here are some pictures of game days from years past and from this past weekend. Enjoy!

As a Carolina fan, Arch has vowed to never wear the color orange...however, I found this shirt at the University Bookstore on sale so I convinced him to wear it. Arch's budget minded side won out over his distaste for orange. I have made him fully aware that Ruth Ann will be in orange from head to toe on game days. Her Grammie has promised to make sure she has garnet and black in her closet because her daddy will never fork over the money for a baby clothes at the bookstore when he sees the price tags!

This was Spencer's first football game at Auburn & he's wearing his first Auburn jersey.

Auburn Band prior to kick off. This was the view we had from my tickets I had at Auburn. I have since given up my season tickets in an effort to show my husband I can save money when I need to.

Reagan Tait's first football game. Reagan was around 9 months old in this she's 4! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I hope Ruth Ann will look this cute next year when she makes her debut at Auburn.

Here's Landon Tait last year at tailgate...what a difference a year makes. He looks like a completely different child this season...still cute as ever. This is the picture I referred to in a previous post as being the best picture I've ever taken. It will remain on my fridge even after Landon begins his freshman year at Auburn in 2025!

Me, Melanie and Candi...tailgaters from our college years to our more mature post-college years. I think we look better now than we did in our college days!

A post victory tradition at Auburn is to head to Toomer's Corner to roll the the tree and every other stationary object. Here are some pictures following an Auburn victory over Alabama...this victory always involves more toilet paper than most!

Samford Hall...what a perfect picture to close with! Here's to another great Auburn football season!! WAR EAGLE!

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Arch's Big 4-0

I can hardly believe it, but I'm married to a 40 year old!! Here's some pictures from Arch's birthday dinner. In typical Arch fashion, he wanted something simple and low key. We ate dinner with friends at a local bbq restaurant and then came back to our house for cake. I had offered to take the cake to the restaurant with us...but he didn't want the whole restaurant knowing it was his birthday. It was his day, so he got what he asked for.

Here's Jay...we refer to him as "Arch's Biggest Fan". He often asks his parents about Arch and Arch's boat and promptly goes to Arch as soon as he spots him. Arch's big day would not have been complete if he could not have shared it with his biggest fan!

Here's everyone together at Hudson's enjoying some yummy bbq!

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