Friday, September 12, 2008

From Lexington to Columbus, GA, to Auburn, Al and back

This past weekend I decided to make a trip south to visit Amanda & Asher in Columbus, GA and Andrea & Anna in Auburn, AL. Here are some pictures from my journey...

Here's Amanda's little boy, Asher. I got to go with them to have his 9 month pictures taken. He did a great job!

Here's Amanda's older child...Tika. Tika is great with Asher and such a beautiful dog...and she knows it!

Andrea, Anna and myself just before the game. We didn't go it to the football game because it was 11:30 and way too hot for me or Anna to survive an entire football game. Instead we ate lunch at the Barbecue House in Auburn (a favorite of mine and Andrea's) and went back to Andrea's to rest and relax.

Me, Amanda and Asher. With some help for Sassy (Amanda's mom), Asher was all smiles for this picture. They took Asher into the football game for his first trip into Jordan-Hare Stadium and I'm told he was fantastic and a delight the entire game. He even got in a little nap during the game.

Too Cute! Here's Anna stylin' and profilin' in her new Auburn jersey. She decided to accessorize with the pink bracelet and glasses. We had a great visit...I left knowing that Anna loves her Aunt Tara.

Here's Amanda's husband Brad...what a humbling experience to strap your child on at the same campus where you made fun of the dads wearing their babies while we just young students. This picture marks the moment Brad realized we've reached a new phase in our lives!

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The Howell family said...

Asher and Anna are so cute! I'm glad you had a fun weekend. I love your shirt! Thanks for the call yesterday. I ended up getting the dress BTW. I am very persuasive ;)