Sunday, September 19, 2010

Way too far behind

Thanks to blogging I take lots of pictures of Ruth Ann...actually, I get the picture taking gene from my grandmother who was always behind the camera and rarely in front of one. As a child I loved looking at photo albums and I use to think my dream job would have been developing pictures so I could look at pictures all day long...thank goodness I didn't go that route since photo mats seem to be a thing of the past. However, in the last year I've done more taking of pictures than of developing pictures. I am ashamed to admit that I have not had one single picture developed in over a year! I have let this get out of control, so I made myself sit down and start loading pictures to MPix...which has great quality photos for a reasonable price...and this week will finally get up to date on my photo albums for Ruth Ann. I felt I needed to before Baby Boy arrives I let this problem get even more out of hand.

In completing this chore I have been looking back at Ruth Ann over the last year and I'm shocked at how much she has changed. I know it sounds crazy to some, but I look at her now and feel like she's always looked exactly like she looks now. I seem to have forgotten the little baby she was just a few short months ago...and oh my, it makes me want to sit in the corner and cry! If I feel this way now, I can't begin to understand what mothers feel like when their babies graduate from high school, get married or have babies of their own...I'm going to start trying to enjoy every minute...good, bad or ugly...with Ruth Ann and hope that I'll remember these days better than I'm remembering the days that have already gone by...until then, could someone please tell me where this baby has gone to...





I can't tell you the money I would give to go back and hold that little baby for just a little bit longer. Those cheeks are still just as sweet to kiss so I'm enjoying every minute I have with the toddler on her chin and all!


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