Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Party...Round 2

This past Sunday we celebrated our friend Christopher's 1st birthday...I would love to direct you to his mother's blog at this point, but Auralee has dragged her feet about becoming a member of the "Blog Nation". If you know Auralee please encourage her to blog and blog regularly! Anyway, back to the party...Christopher is a very popular little guy so there was a house full of people...which means there was a mountain of gifts....


And every 1yr needs a little somethin'somethin' for Ralph Lauren....


This was a really cute polo shirt with his monogram stiched in...perfect for little Christopher because his Daddy has sworn off all John Johns after one year of age...he's a Yankee, so he doesn't have an appreciation for Southern children's attire. I'm hoping his mom will bend the rules and we'll see Christopher in some more John Johns.

And much like our first round of partys, Momma opened gifts and Dad held the birthday boy.


But I think Christopher was monitoring the present opening...


And then doing a little quality control to make sure the toys were as fabulous as they appeared to be...


Ruth Ann caught up with her friend Savannah. This was the first time they had seen each other since they were newborns.


Savannah appears to be asking Ruth Ann "What are you yelling about??"


Betsy cheesed it up for me as usual...


All in all it was a fun afternoon. Our next friend to have a birthday is Mason...we'll be celebrating the big 0-2 in just 2 weeks!

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