Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ruth Ann's tour of the South East

I have officially awarded Ruth Ann the title of "World's Best Baby". To all my friends of small children, please don't be offended...I'm sure all your kids are fabulous too, however, when you read what I put Ruth Ann through this weekend, you too will agree with her latest title.

This past weekend my cousin Lynn got married in Nashville. Lynn announced her engagement to Mario earlier this summer and immediately my mom and I knew we wanted to be there. My mom had suggested we fly, however, the flight that landed on the Hudson's River had just happened and thoughts of flying with an infant scared me to death. I also have a friend who use to drive to Nashville on occasion and she didn't seem to make the drive seem too bad...FYI...Nashville is very far away from Columbia and from hence forth I will be flying to and from Nashville.

We started out Friday morning and head to Nashville via the mountains of North Carolina. Ruth Ann peacefully slept in the backseat and we barely heard a peep out of her all day...8 hours in the car. We made stops for diaper changes, bottles and feedings, but when she was in the car she was mostly sleeping or gazing out the windows. We finally rolled into Nashville around 6pm and headed to dinner with the Becker family. Since Ruth Ann had spent the vast majority of her day snoozing she was completely pleasant while we dined on Mexican food at Mario's favorite restaurant.

The hotel we stayed in was very close to the Grand Ole Opry, so Saturday after we did a little shopping we took a tour of the Opry. We didn't spot any country music celebs...the closest we got to country music royalty was our tour guide whose father writes music with Keith Urban...not too impressive. What I thought was impressive was Ruth Ann trying out her own vocal stylings in front of the Opry.


Here are some other pictures from the Opry...




Ruth Ann got a chance to meet some of her cousins while we were in Nashville. My cousin Jenny has 2 daughters who were fantastic babysitters when I needed an extra set of arms to hold Ruth Ann. Here she is with Kasey...


And here's Kasey's older sister Tayler...


Not a great picture of Ruth Ann, but a good one of Tayler.

Then Sunday was the big wedding. We all headed over to Lynn's house to help decorate of the reception which was being hosted by Lynn's neighbor. Here's some of the workers in action...

(This is my dad's cousin, Pat, taping down table clothes.)

(This is my Uncle Eddie supervising the work of his son-in-law, Tony.)

(This is my dad and my Uncle JR...I guess you could say their monitoring the work being done)


Sadly, all these chairs would never hold guests, the tables would never hold dinner plates and the touches would never burn...we got stuck in the middle of a terrible storm with tornado watches and all. So the party moved in doors...however, Ruth Ann was experiencing a little bit of a tummy ache so we didn't stay at the reception for long. Here are the 2 pictures I got from the reception...



So my mom, Kasey and I all headed back to the hotel with Ruth Ann for a slumber party...



While we were in Nashville I talked to my friend Mandy who lives in Huntsville, Al. She said we were just an hour and half away from her so we decided to go back home via Alabama to stop in to visit the Hiller family.


(Ruth Ann's sweet college roommate...Julianna)


Julianna showed Ruth Ann how to play with this toy.





Then we got back in the car to complete the longest leg of our journey...8 hours later we rolled into our driveway. Of course that means we stopped for lunch, dinner and bottle breaks...but all the while Ruth Ann slept peacefully in her car seat or looked out the window. So I think I've presented sufficient evidence to prove my claim that Ruth Ann has earned her title of world's best baby. If anyone wants to challenge her title I'll be happy to hear your argument...however, it will take a lot to take this away from her!

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