Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To the zoo...

This past weekend we headed to the zoo with Ada, Aunt Toni and Grammy. We started off visiting the baby fl amigos...they were so cute & they still had white feathers! The shrimp the fl amigos eat are what turn them pink or orangish. These babies haven't had their fill of shrimp just yet...


Then we headed over to the farm. The last time we went to the zoo we wanted Ada to ride the ponies, but they asked her age and we very honestly told them she was only one. This time we were ready...it helps that Ada looks older than she actually is...



However, we still weren't successful...Grumpy is going to have to start working on her horse back riding skills!


We also visited the goats...everyone else wanted pictures of the better looking goat, but I wanted one of this fellow...


Next was the giraffes...this friendly fellow was ready to see Ruth Ann...she was wearing her giraffe outfit, so he must have know she was a friend, but it didn't hurt that we had food to feed him!



And my favorite...the meerkats, they're so cute and the exhibit is very kid friendly!


And we did a little posing with Grammy...this was just after we tried to get Ada to ride the ponies, so she didn't really trust us to put her on anything, breathing or not...


But the biggest event of the day was that Ruth Ann made it through the zoo & she was still awake when we exited! This is the first time she has made it through a zoo trip awake the entire time...my baby is getting so big!


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