Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ruth Ann is home!

Because I had a scheduled induction, Arch and I were the luck recepitants of an additional nights stay at the hospital. We quickly found out the hospital is no place to get any rest. We checked out early Wednesday morning and made our way home to start this new adventure with our newborn baby. I now have 4 nights under my belt and I must say I'm adjusting to the lack of sleep. For those of you would have lived with me or know my sleep habits well, I've always been an "early to bed and late to rise" sleeper...I LOVE my sleep. So far I'm not a dead tired as I thought I would be. This past week was full of visits from friends and family so I didn't get to nap as often during the day as I would have liked, but I hopeful that this week Ruth Ann and I can start to work on a schedule and we can both get some shut eye throughout the day. Here are some of her latest pictures...

We're going home. These pictures were taken just before Ruth Ann and I were discharged from the hospital.

Ruth Ann's coming home dress with matching hat. She also had on the most precious monogramed slippers.

Ruth Ann with her cousin Madison. Madison has been the only girl McCarty for many years. I think she was more excited to find out I was having a baby girl than I was!

Grammie with her two girls. Here is my mom with my niece, Ada. Ada turned 1 year old 4 days before Ruth Ann was born. My mom is convinced they'll be the best of friends one day.

Our little sunbather. Ruth Ann's bilirubin levels were slightly elevated when we left the hospital. Luckily, they weren't high enough to treat with light treatments, however, it was no fun leaving her in the sun all day either. At the doctor's appointment today her levels were on the decrease so we're headed in the right direction.

Ruth Ann's first bath. Who knew it was so difficult to bath a newborn baby. Thank goodness Grammie was here to help me through her first bath.

Sleeping beauty.

Regan and Kennedy came to visit Ruth Ann this week. I have babysat these girls since they were a few years I'll have them babysitting Ruth Ann.

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The Howell family said...

Yeah, no doubt lots of presents from the grandparents!
I was just thinking about Aida and wondering how close their birthdays were. She has gotten so big since I last saw a picture. Cute cute girls. I think Ruth Ann looks like her mommy. You really do forget how tiny babies are.