Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monograms and Sunny Days!!!

Not this past Christmas, but Christmas before last I got what may be the greatest gift a southern girl could receive....an embroidery/sewing machine which can monogram!! It's been said that the only thing that separates southern girls from other ladies is that we like to monogram everything!! Ruth Ann can testify that her momma LOVES a monogram! I've recently learned how to applique with my sewing machine so there will be many more cute onsies to come...

The large pink hair bow is another added southern touch!

Yeah! Sunny days are finally here...and it's in Ruth Ann's eyes! Although this past weekend brought lots of spring showers...warm weather is right around the corner here in South Carolina...I have big plans of taking Ruth Ann to the Governor's mansion when the azalea's start blooming for a photo shoot!

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