Monday, August 16, 2010


About 2 years ago 4 couples decided to stop eating out together and start eating in together instead. Not because we were watching our checking accounts, but because our families were expanding and a table for 8 was rapidly growing to a table for 15. So now once a month these friends gather together and now it's not just the adults that share a's the kiddos too...

Here Ruth Ann and Betsy are taking a little break from cruising the backyard for a quick Capri-Sun...


Right now these are the only girls in this group of friends...I'm looking forward to years of sleep overs with these two!


Unfortunately, those were the only 2 pics I caught of Betsy when she wasn't flashing the camera...



Betsy and Jay have a fantastic playground, which is always a hit with the kiddos...




Now, I'm going to brag on my own friend...thank goodness our supper club is not graded on creativity because I would receiving a failing grade...Sally on the other hand would be the head of the class...take a look at how she decorated the kids table...


Personalized cantaloupe boats...with the most delicious cantaloupe I've had all summer...


So cute and such a sweet my house the kids barely have a place to sit down to eat, but at Mrs. Sally's the kids get special kid-friendly treatment...thanks Sal!

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