Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pros and Cons of a Disney Cruising...

About 16 months ago my mom decided to gift me and my kids a Disney Cruise for Christmas 2011. We would set sail in November, 2012...which meant I had very few gifts to open on Christmas day...I think I just got a pair of pjs. But after much anticipation, our departure date arrived and we finally got to see Mickey and his big boat...


Let me start by listing the "Cons" to sailing with Mickey...there are NONE! This was by far my favorite of all my favorite vacations of my whole life! I knew 1 hour after stepping foot on the decks of Disney Dream that my family and I would be back in the future...the future being once Tripp is potty trained since Mickey doesn't allow children in swim diapers in his pool...can't say I blame him, I've seen the inside of a dirty swim diaper, it's disgusting.

Anyway, I took roughly 700 pictures during our week at Disney & our time on the I sort through the ones I want to post I'll leave you with these... We got on the boat a week ago today...and all day I've been reliving our fun days in the sun...


I'd like to say they played this well together all week thanks to the Disney fairy dust we inhaled all week long...but that would be a big fat lie!


I hope Tripp hurries up and decides to be potty trained soon because I would give anything to be back on these shores asap!!


The Pros to Disney cruising are countless...I can not say enough nice things about the boat, the service, the activities, the food...I could go on and on...

If you've been thinking about a Disney cruise but haven't pulled the trigger yet...go directly to your nearest travel agent or to the Disney website and book now! If you love the customer service Disney provides...I promise, the cruise is 10x better. Or if you just value excellent customer service...Disney does NOT disappoint!

Thanks Grammy for a fun week and a Christmas gift that was worth every minute we spent waiting!

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The 1st of May said...

I'm sold! So glad it was a fabulous vacation!!!