Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to the Beach

Honestly, if I had the time and gas money I would spent every extra minute of the summer on the shores of SC. Thankfully I have a good friend who lives at the beach so it helps with lodging expenses...but gas for the Expedition kills me!


I'm so happy Ruth Ann loves the beach too... can you tell she's happy to be here??

We drove down to Myrtle Beach on Friday and were to leave on Sunday morning...this only left Saturday to play on the beach and when we woke up that morning to overcast skies I thought we may have to skip beach plans...but my friend Page was sure the clouds would roll out so we lotioned up and headed to the beach. Her mom lives across the street from the beach so we make that our head quarters. We walked over the dunes and Ruth Ann once again felt at home by the shore.


Ms. Page made her laugh so I could get some pictures...


But she still needed a break for a quick drink...I think juice must taste better on the beach...I know other beverages do!


Then she found a friend to play with for a few minutes.


He started dropping sand on her head, so she did the same. It didn't bother me...we were in fact at the beach and we were already covered in sand, what did a little more hurt?? However, this brought over an adult from the family this little boy was a member of...this same adult dropped down to Ruth Ann's level and got into her personal space...which Ruth Ann (and her Momma) did not appreciate. Ruth Ann still had a hand full of sand, which she used to throw at this adult telling him to back up. Although all the adults watching laughed, it wasn't long before this little boy rejoined his family...oh well.

One thing I seem to see a lot of when we're at the beach is the backside of Ruth Ann because I'm chasing her back and forth from the water...but look how precious that sandy behind looks...


Oh I love a sandy behind!!

And my favorite picture of the day was an accidental shot...but it turned out so sweet!


I don't make it down to MB nearly often enough to visit Page, but I have a feeling that as my little Beach Bunny gets older she's going to be begging for visits to Ms. Page's all summer long!!

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