Thursday, July 8, 2010


A few weekends ago Ruth Ann and I rode with my mom to the big city of Alcolu, SC to celebrate the 20th wedding anniversary of some very good friends...


Here is my mom with Mrs. Harriet and Mr. William. My mom became friends with Mrs. Harriet when we lived in Sumter, SC...I was about 5 years old. Mrs. Harriet, along with my Aunt Jill, were my 2 favorite people in the whole world when I was 5 years old. Both were single ladies so I usually had their undivided attention and they also both lived in trailers, which at the time became my dream in life...sad but true. Later in my childhood my parents would sell our home in a subdivison to move us to the country. My dad wanted to be on-sight as our new house was being built so my dream of living in a trailer became reality...oh, what was I thinking! It was not near as much fun as Mrs. Harriet and my Aunt Jill had made it seem to my 5 year old self. Luckily, our time in the trailer was very short and that dream was checked off of my "To Do List" forever!

Anyway, I remember when Mrs. Harriet got married to Mr. William...I can't remember if we had already moved to Lexington yet or not, but I remember the day vaguely. There's something about girls...especially little girls...and weddings, we love and remember all the weddings we attend! This was probably around the time I started planning my own wedding day! 20 years later Mr. William gave Mrs. Harriet a ring upgrade...


The picture doesn't begin to do it justice!

Here they are with their daugher Katenell...


Katenell wanted to take a picture with Ruth Ann, but this is the best I could get...


Ruth Ann napped for about 20 minutes the whole day, so she was not in the mood to be cooperative...but rarely is she these days. Mostly Ruth Ann wanted to play on the fabulous playground from Katenell's childhood...


She even got Mr. William to come over and give her a push...


We had a delicious BBQ dinner and then hit the road back for home...again, Ruth Ann stayed awake the entire way home, but slept great that night and the following morning!

We had a great time and wish Mrs. Harriet and Mr. William 20 more happy years together...I can't wait to see the ring upgrade for that anniversary!

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