Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chickens & Curses

For many years Arch and I have lived in a house divided...I'm the Auburn Tiger and he's a Carolina Gamecock. Thankfully, rarely do the two meet on the football field so it hasn't been a problem with our relationship...but this year the Gamecocks should be preparing for a beating in the Fall on the Plains...oh, and trust me when I say Ruth Ann will be head to toe in ORANGE on the day of this meeting.

Arch has conceded that Auburn typically has better football, but he claims baseball as Carolina's sport. In 99% of his life Arch is not a superstitious man, but when it comes to baseball he firmly believes in the Chicken Curse. My interpretation of the Chicken Curse is that it doesn't matter how good a game the Gamecocks are playing or how great their season is going, at some point the wheels fall off the bus and Carolina finds a way to blow all their good work.

Well friends, the Chicken Curse may have come to an end...

CWS Finals Baseball

Meet the new National Champions in men's baseball! I can still barely believe it myself...South Carolina finally...after several unsuccessful attempts...brought home a National Championship. If you call Arch today, he is committed to answer all phone calls "Go Cocks!" Today at work I've seen LOTS of garnet and black shirts and I'm sure I'll hear all about when Spencer comes back home this weekend.

I share in your joy Carolina friends & look forward to seeing you on The Plains September 25th!

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Jennie said...

I'm an Auburn Tiger married to an AR Razorback, so I know where you're coming from :) It is notable that Hubby seems to handle defeat better than I do. He also doesn't yell at the TV (he was raised in Arizona - football out here is ... different).

Counting down to 9/25 - WAR EAGLE!