Monday, June 14, 2010

18 Months

In all the excitement of preparing for our beach departure I never posted on Ruth Ann's 18 month b-day...I also forgot to make her doctor's appointment for her 18 month check up so I have no stats to post at this time...we're headed to see Dr. Joey next week.


What is Ruth Ann "up to" these days...or should I say "into" these days...EVERYTHING!! I am a super bad momma and never child-proofed our house beyond outlet covers...this means the contents of my tupperware/sippy cup drawer routinely end up out of the drawer and all over my kitchen floor. This drawer is right at her height so it makes since she picked this as the drawer to plunder...however, last week we discovered she can now open the drawers just below the counters and even though she's not tall enough to see into the drawer it hasn't stopped her from randomly retrieving whatever those chubby hands can grasp...I see some serious childproofing in my very near future.

We have zero concerns regarding Ruth Ann and language development. Her vocabulary is growing in leaps and bounds. In the last few weeks she's started repeating more and more of what we say to her...for example, when I changed her diaper last week and discovered a particularly nasty diaper I said "Shoowee"...and now she grabs her diaper and says "Shoowee". Ada has the best Barbie that doesn't have removable clothes or shoes...Ruth Ann loved it so I bought her one when we got home. I call it her Ballarina Barbie...Ruth Ann now calls her "Rina" or "Barbie". When we drive in the Expedition some times I take the curves a little faster than I should, so I usually say "Whoa" or "Hold on". Last night Arch and I went out to eat and as Arch very quickly pulled into a parking space Ruth Ann said "Whoa" which brought a this morning on the way to The McCarty's from the backseat I kept hearing "Whoa...Daddy". She's really a mess right now...and we're enjoying every minute...well except when she acts like this...


This is probably what Ruth Ann is very best at these days...pitching a fit! You may be asking yourself what in the world I could have done to this precious blond haired child to upset her so...I simply held the camera up to take her picture and that, and that alone, sent her crying and screaming "No" for all on the beach to hear. My goal was to dress her in this cute Lilly P. outfit and get some sunset pictures on the beach. I envisioned her playing peacefully on dunes or just at the water's edge...instead I got this...


Apparently her pricey Lilly P. outfit was too similar to a bathing suit so she shot out to the water and never looked back. Moments after I took this picture she sat down in the water (while wearing a standard diaper...not a swim diaper) and began splashing in the water. My blood pressure went through the roof and from this point forward I'm sure the other families on the beach probably thought I was an abusive parent. Because of how wet her bottom was I had to carry her under my arm like a sack of potatoes to get her to the car...but so goes life with a sassy 18 month old...we take the good with the bad and love every single minute with her!

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Auralee said...

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE her outfit! She's too cute, even when she has her moments!