Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dare Devil

We spent Father's Day afternoon relaxing in the pool at my mom & dad's house. Ruth Ann seems to have gotten the hang of her swimmies and showed off her moves with Grammy. Now that the pool water has warmed up Ruth Ann has in turn warmed up to the pool...I'm convinced the cool water temps in May are what led to her tears during our first visit to the pool this summer. Anyway, these two seem to be at home in the warm 86 degree water...


Then Arch and Spencer arrived and we thought we would let Ruth Ann try out the slide. First we let her go down by herself from about 1/2 way up...success, she went under the water and no tears were to be found. So up to the top of slide she went with Bubba...I'm not sure who they're both looking at since I was the only one taking pictures, but take note of how similar these two look...


And then upon entry....


Look how they're both making the same face! So funny, and yet another reminder that this child looks nothing like me...let's hope Baby McCarty shares just a few traits with Momma!

Oh, and Ruth Ann was fine...those swimmies popped her right back up out of the water before Spencer had time to come up for air. She had a look of shock on her face, but no tears...however, when asked if she wanted to go again her short reply, "No". We decided not to press our luck.

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