Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crashing Vacations

My BFF, Andrea, and her family enjoyed a vacation at the Disney Resort at Hilton Head Island a few weeks ago. Since Hilton Head is just a short 2 1/2 hour drive from our house, Ruth Ann and I decided to crash their vacation for just a little while.

We had lots of fun...this was the first time the Webster family has seen Ruth Ann walking around. Anna immediately showered Ruth Ann with hugs and kisses...Ruth Ann had to use some of her best defensive holds to get a little breathing room!

Here are the sun bathing beauties getting ready to splash in the pool...


Is anyone else jealous of the Anna's tan??

Again, even though the water was warmer than a Grammy's house, Ruth Ann wasn't in love with the pool...at first. She eventually remembered how much she loves to float. Anna on the other hand was a fish! She loves the water and spent a lot of time in the air thanks to some help from her daddy.





Here's Ruth Ann doing a little playing in the water...


Actually, we spent all afternoon in the water...resulting in some serious pruning...


Then we dried out, ate a little supper and Aunt Andrea gave us a tour of the resort...this is where our family is vacationing this year. There is a really great playground that Anna wanted to show off to us...





Thanks again Webster family for letting us crash your vacation for just a little while! You're welcome to crash ours anytime!!

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