Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York...Day 1

So our 11:33am flight from Charlotte had us to New York by early afternoon so we could enjoy at least 1/2 day in the city. Brantley also got us dinner reservations at 9:30 at Lupa, which meant we would be dining like true New Yorkers...and not like the exhausted mommas we all were and feeling way out of our element eating dinner at a time typically reserved for pjs followed by bedtime...but when in Rome, right! We checked into our hotel and then hit the streets. We were all really hungry for lunch since it was at least 3:00pm by this point. Brantley and I listen to a radio show on Sirus XM radio that's broadcasted from NYC. They often time mention Shake Shack and when our concierge said it was just down the road we knew immediately that was where we wanted to eat...

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Best.Burger.Ever.  I'm not a huge fan of burgers or really any ground beef for that matter...but this was the best tasting burger I've ever had...we wanted to look into franchise info and bring one to Lexington!

When this trip was in the planning phase we all submitted things we wanted to try to do while we were in NYC. I, being a long time viewer of "Project Runway", wanted to go to Mood...and I assumed everyone knew what I was talking about...but I was wrong...none of my travel buddies knew what Mood was, but all were good sports and entertained my idea and let me browse. Brantley even gave me a gift certificate so I could shop freely too!

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For those of you who also share my love of this show, or if you share my love of sewing, it really was a great stop. It looks exactly the same in person on the inside, but on the outside of the building it took a little bit of searching and asking locals to find it.  Thank goodness for iPhones and nice New Yorkers!  The staff was super friendly and even though my garment making skills are limited to "kids only", I didn't feel the least bit out of place or insecure while shopping...I could have been elbow to elbow with a future big time designer!  I could have spent all day looking around, but I had a gift certificate in hand...and a plenty of ways to spend it...

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Here are a few of my picks. I went in thinking most of the fabric would be more appropriate for adult garments...but everything I bought was for my kids...however, I did pick up a t-shirt for me and my mom.  As a member of the staff was cutting my fabric she asked what I would be making...I explained that I was from SC and would be making some smocked bishop dresses for my daughter and jon-jons for my son.  Even though these are VERY Southern items, she still invited me to take pictures and send them in...they like posting pictures of garments made from their fabric...I may just do may be the first bishop ever posted on their website!


I left a happy girl...Thank You Mood!


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