Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I showing yet??

So I've had several friends who live out of town and haven't gotten a chance to see me pregnant ask whether or not I'm showing. I don't think I am, but you decide. Here is a picture from a week and half ago (I was 19 weeks pregnant). From left to right there is me (of course), my friends Sally, Auralee (who is having a baby boy the beginning of September, we're at her baby shower in this picture) and Brantley. We all play on the same tennis team and our husbands also all play on the same tennis team. We're lucky to have become a close group of friends...including our husbands. What started out as four couples dining out together will now be a party of 14 when we dine out with our families after I have Ruth Ann in December. Our tennis team has a few other ladies who are also expecting...we've developed a reputation at the tennis courts for being the team with all the babies. Several ladies are afraid to join us for fear they may also end pregnant just by associating with our team!

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GElisbeth said...

Tara - You look great! I can't wait to see the newest addition to your family. Be sure to let me know where you do your baby registry.