Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latest ultrasound pictures

So we got confirmation today that Baby McCarty is a baby GIRL. The ultrasound technician was 87% sure the baby was a girl at the ultrasound I had at 16 weeks. Today she changed her prediction to 98% sure (I'm not sure where she comes up with these very detailed precentages). Now let the monograming begin! For those that don't know, I got a sewing/monograming machine for christmas this past year. I've had a lot of fun working on things for friends, but now I'm ready to monogram every piece of clothing Ruth Ann will wear!

Here are some of her latest pictures. She was turned funny during the ultrasound so the technician could not get a good look at all the parts of her heart so I'll be getting another ultrasound in 4 weeks! The doctor said there is nothing to worry about and that really it's best to look at the heart around 24-26 weeks. This makes me very excited...I love getting to see how she's growing and changing.

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Brantley said...

She looks just like you! :)