Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free to a good home...

For those who knew me prior to Ruth Ann's birth, you know I treated my animals like royalty. My cats are still in my good graces since they are so low maintenance. Shelby on the other hand is driving my nuts! Many of you have visited our house and witnessed Shelby's warm welcome...ha! Shelby barks his head off at anyone who crosses our threshold and every large vechile that drives by our house. Until this morning Ruth Ann never even batted an eye...as an audiologist I paid extra close attention to her newborn hearing screening & I have confirmation that her hearing is within normal limits. This morning she was napping peacefully when a UPS truck drove down our street which sent Shelby into a barking fit. The nap was over and Shelby was banished to the back porch for the day. He has remained on the back porch barking constantly (literally...there hasn't been a minute that he doesn't bark at me) and pawing at the door. Thankfully he hasn't taught Griff his bad habits and hopefully he will be immune to them.

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