Saturday, January 24, 2009

I love my cat

As many of you already know, I love cats. I haven't met a cat I didn't love (or attempted to love), but I especially love my cats. This love of cats was instilled in me by my grandmother who also loved cats. She gave me my first cat when I was just a year old. His name was Ernie and I loved him much the way Lennie loved mice in the book Of Mice and Men. Needless to say Ernie was rescued by my grandmother shortly after I received him, but I never lost my love for cats. I'm hoping Ruth Ann will share my love of cats and I'm so glad that I have Lacie for her to grow up with. Lacie is by far the most fearless cat I've ever had. Currently her favorite past time is chasing Griff around the house. Arch keeps commanding Griff to fight back, but so far no such luck...I think he's embarrassed his dog is getting beat up by a cat. This past week I was giving Ruth Ann a bath and Lacie decided to help out. As I bathed Ruth Ann, Lacie peeked over the edge of the tub and sat perched on the side of tub while I finished up. One day Ruth Ann is going to be big enough to pull Lacie in and I'm not sure Lacie will even mind. I already have an idea of what bath time will be like in the years to come with me, Ruth Ann and Lacie...I can't wait!

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