Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day

I'm a little behind the times...I can't believe I've neglected my blog for this apologies!

We started our weekend of celebrating mothers at my brother-in-laws house by grilling out with the entire McCarty family. My niece and nephew got a trampoline recently and spent time showing off some of their tricks...





Ruth Ann joined in the on the trampoline fun, but mostly just rolled around...


This resulted in some serious static to her baby fine hair...


Then she took a quick break to catch her breath...


Then she chatted it up with her grandma for a minute...


And then she was back to playing with her cousins again...


Then on Sunday Ruth Ann and I spent the morning in church nursery. I volunteer one Sunday a month and Mother's Day was the Sunday I started. We're lucky to be members of a church with a great ministry for children. As an aside...if your ever looking for a church family I think the test of a strong & growing church is found in their children's department. So, after you listen to the sermon, ask for a tour of the children's sunday school area...even if you don't have children, I think a church's emphasis on ministering to children is vital to church growth. My opinion, my blog.

Then I did a little sewing while Ruth Ann napped and before I knew it dinner time was upon us. We planned on having dinner with my parents so they met us at our house so I could get a few pictures before we headed out...


All in all, it was a great Mother's Day! I'm already looking forward to next year!

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