Thursday, August 21, 2008

Arch's Dream Come True

For those that have worked with or know Arch may remember he had a reputation at his previous job for stealing...stealing ice that is. Arch always has a cooler with cold drinks in the back of his truck ready and waiting for any one of his friends or family to help themselves. During his years at his previous job at Blue Cross he filled his cooler countless times using the ice from the industrial ice maker in his building. This developed a love and appreciation for ice that is unmatched. His favorite means of filling the cooler...filling & hauling leftover plastic grocery store bags filled to the top with ice. This may have required more than one trip, or enlisting the help of a fellow employee. After he changed jobs with Blue Cross he moved to a different location in Columbia and didn't have the same access to the ice machine...this was a very sad day for Arch. He resorted to making ice in our freezer at home using any and everything that can hold & freeze water. Currently we have a variety of plastic containers including tennis ball cans, modified water bottles and modified cat litter containers filled with frozen water in our freezer. The freezer has so many of these items that it has becomes difficult to put frozen food in the freezer...this has become a running joke with our friends, but it's been driving me nuts for the last year!

Today, Arch's dream of owning his own personal ice maker came true...thanks to my daddy. Here's Arch with my dad after he dropped the ice maker off at our house today.

Pass your congratulations onto Arch the next time you see him!

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