Friday, August 22, 2008

Ruth Ann's Wardrobe

You may think you are viewing a rack of clothes in a children's clothing store, but you would be wrong. What you are actually looking at is Ruth Ann's ever expanding wardrobe and Ruth Ann's mother's newest obsession. Keep in mind that I have not had the first baby shower and Ruth Ann's Grammy (my mom) has not added her purchases to the closest yet. What started out as innocently buying a sweet dress or cute bubble outfit on a summer sale has developed into a serious purchasing problem. As many of you know...I can very easily justify a purchase. I just kept telling myself that since I will be having showers in the fall, then I will not be receiving any clothes for the spring and summer. I have visited children's clothing stores throughout Columbia and the surrounding area. However, after finding a 75% sale today at Doodlebugs in Lexington and hanging up her clothes this afternoon I stood back and really looked at her closet...yikes, I'm really out of control! I really don't consider this all my fault...I blame the clothing designers...they make it way too hard to pass up little girl clothes!

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Brantley said...

Doodlebugs has 75% off?!? Thanks for the heads-up!

The Howell family said...

I understand. I just finished on-line shopping. I found a new website with a great sale. I caught it a little late b/c it was picked over in sizes but I'll bookmark it for the next end-of-season sale! Our doodlebugs only had 40% off :( You will get a lot of fall/winter clothes-you are right about that! EmmyandAlly is the address of the website-proceed with caution ;)