Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Weekend

What a busy weekend...many of you know that in our family's spring/summer equal one thing...BASEBALL...and baseball season seems to never end. This year Spencer made the high school B-team and played city league baseball. Then the high school team decided to have a summer league. Spencer had a double header on Friday and Saturday...Ruth Ann and I opted out of baseball due to the heat, but we got a phone call from Arch Friday afternoon reporting that Spencer started as pitcher and pitched a fantastic of the few wins for his summer team...great job Spencer! I took a sewing class on Saturday...bishop construction...I've become pretty good at smocking over the years, but really lack a lot of skills in sewing a bishop dress. This is the 2nd class I've taken on bishop construction and I think this time it may have finally sunk in...thank goodness. Recently I've decided to give up playing league tennis and I'm going to start trying to sew more. I grew up a mother who sewed dresses for me all the time and I really want to be able to do the same for Ruth starting July 15th I'll be taking classes twice a month...I'll be sure to post all my projects so you can see how things are going. Anyway, while I was busy sewing away, and Spencer and Arch were at the ball field, Ruth Ann was busy getting spoiled rotten by her Grammy who kept her all day Saturday. Then Arch and Spencer headed to the lake and Ruth Ann and I spent the night with my parents. Sometimes it's nice to go home...even if home is just 15 minutes be taken care of by your momma for a little while. We ate a yummy dinner and then swam with Ruth Ann in the pool for a little while...I love the new pool! This was the first...of many...nights that Ruth Ann spent the night at Grammy's. Then this morning we got up and met Arch and Spencer at Arch's parents lake house. Unfortunately it was over cast and occasionally rainy, so it wasn't what I had hoped for, but we still put Ruth Ann in the lake for the first I would have expected, she loved it! Griff was less than trilled to be at the lake...Arch was questioning whether he was really a Golden Retriever...but by the time I left this afternoon he was running in and out of the water like any good water dog should! Now we're all home and everyone is in bed except for me...they're all exhausted from our busy weekend!

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day...I'm thankful for my daddy, for what a great daddy Arch is to Ruth Ann and Spencer and remembering what a great daddy Adam was to Ada. I'm lucky to have so many great fathers in my life...Happy Father's Day!

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