Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I need help...

Ruth Ann has her 6 month pictures this week. I know it's a few weeks late, but between my photographers vacations and my family's vacation this was the first chance I've had to get this done. Do you know how hard it is to pick out a precious outfit to photograph a baby girl in??? It's even harder when you're as picky as I am about photographs...if you went to college with me, were friends with me during college or spend any time with me now you know I'm very particular about my photographs.

Here are my options for a casual outfit...



Here are my options for a dressy outfit...



What do you think...what should I have her photographed in??

Here's an extra picture because it was just too cute...


Last night I was chatting with one of my very good friends from college, Tracy. Tracy & I lived in the same dorm our freshman year and we may have been the only non-nerdy people to inhabit Broun Hall. We lived in the honors dorms because both our roommates were honors students...even though Tracy is one of the smartest people I know & should have been an honors student herself (Ms. Cummulative 4.0). Anyway, she is pregnant and expecting her first baby any day...she's 39 weeks pregnant. As I was taking these pictures of Ruth Ann tonight I was thinking about how much fun it is to have a baby girl and to get to play dress up with her any time I want. I've been preparing for this role my whole life and I'm loving every minute of it! Tracy doesn't know what she's having...if it's a baby girl, then Tracy, you can expect something pink, smocked and with a matching bow in the mail shorting after her arrival!! If it's boy...you can still expect something smocked, but it will be in a boy appropriate color and minus the bow! Keep Tracy and her hubby in your thoughts and prayers this week as they prepare to expand their family!

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Toni said...

I think your photos are great!
I love all her outfits especially the monogramed dress.

Kindra and Brad said...

I like the polka dots and the monogram....let me know the decision. :) She is precious in anything!

Andrea W. said...

Hmmmm....choices, choices. Ruth Ann makes them all look great. I think my favorite is #1....or maybe#4. Okay, I love them all!!!!!

Sal said...

Number 2 and Number 1