Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a week...

So it's been a little over a week since I last updated the blog...usually I don't leave you without photos for this long...we've been busy, busy...

Things started out slowly...evident here by Ruth Ann lounging in her pjs. Last year I started working 3 days a week & LOVED having a 3 day work week...now I appreciate this 3 day work week more than ever because it means I get to spend 4 days with this baby girl...here's how we spend most of our mornings together...


After we got out of our pjs we went to Grammy's pool and spent some time with our friends Auralee & Christopher and Heidi & Claire.


Then we headed to the tennis courts to watch Arch play tennis and spent some more time playing with Christopher...



And here's a first...guess who's sitting in resturant high chairs and grocery carts like a big girl???


This was at Baker Brother's last week...I don't have a picture of her in a grocery cart yet, but she has now cruised Wal-Mart twice from the front seat of the cart and she LOVES it!

We were at Baker Brother's to meet one of my very good friends for lunch. Jennifer (Hall) Golden and I grew up going to school, church and on family vacations together. We don't get together as often as we should, so it was great to catch up with her over some delicious salads.


It's amazing how quickly Ruth Ann is growing...which means she is growing out of all her cute little outfits that I love so much. Here's one of my current favorites...



I included this picture to show you how Ruth Ann spends most of her time...with her mouth open...she's babbling NON STOP!!



Then on Saturday night we had a shower for our friends the Clarks. Ruth Ann started the night in one of the cute outfits I previously posted for our 6 month photos, however, due to a leaky diaper she ended the evening in this outfit...it's equally as cute though!


Speaking of our 6 month photos, they're posted on my photographers website www.heidigraves.com From there go to "Sessions", our login in is ruthann6 and the password is 11703. They turned out FANTASTIC...my favorites yet!

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