Sunday, February 20, 2011

Everyone to the Zoo!

This past week we have enjoyed some fantastic weather in the Midlands...and like everyone else in Columbia with a child under 12 years of age, we headed to the zoo on Saturday! I have never seen the zoo so incredibly packed! When we left at 1:30pm there were no parking spaces available. Tons of people were circling the lot looking for a park and the line to get into the zoo was backed up by at least 30 cars...but this may have been our best zoo trip yet!

Each time we go to the zoo Ruth Ann seems to enjoy it more and more. And each time Ada comes to visit the girls seem to play better and better when you combine the 2 it made for a great time!


For those who know me well you will understand how significant the following pictures are...I conquered a fear and entered the bird habitat with Ruth Ann. I, like my mother, have a fear of birds. I wouldn't say the fear is gone, I was a nervous wreck and flinched everytime a bird flew dangerously close to my head...but Ruth Ann wanted to feed the birds on this visit, so this is what I did for my child. Please notice my mom in the background of these pictures, in the green shirt, safely behind a screen. She loves her granddaughters, but not enough to join them for the feeding of the birds...




Obviously Ruth Ann doesn't share my fear because she started begging for more juice to feed the birds...mostly because I had been sharing her juice with the other kids around us in an attempt to evacuate the danger zone!


2 years ago we tried to sneak Ada on the horses because she was tall enough to look like a 2 year old child (which is the zoo requirement to ride)...but she had a melt down and wouldn't do it. Last year she rode with Toni by her side, but this year...she rode solo.


Ruth Ann has been a big talker when it comes to riding a horse, but at one of the last b-day parties we went to where a pony was there for riding...she wouldn't ride until we convinced an older child to ride with her. But today she cut in front of the entire long line to grab a helmet and jump on...I told her we had to wait our turn so we weren't escorted from the zoo...but once she got on all you could hear was "Yippee ki yay!"...words only riding a horse can produce!


My dad has a serious addiction to buying horses...and I have a feeling if he sees how much fun these girls had riding these ponies then there may be a pony in his future. For this reason, my mom may never allow him to accompany us to the zoo.


Sadly, this is the only picture of Tripp-man and it was his first trip to the zoo. He, like his sister when she was his age, slept almost the entire time. Aunt Toni managed to get a picture of him awake...thank goodness. I'm afraid Tripp may have a few less pictures of his first year than his sister. I don't seem to take near as many pictures as I use to and I can't seem to get 2 kids out of the house and remember to bring my camera along...I need to make a serious effort to take pictures more often of this cute little guy!

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Brantley said...

Looks like fun! I struggled with the same thing when Roper was a baby. When you have a 2-year-old and a baby to take care of, often the camera is an after-thought!