Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The time has come...

Growing up I started planning my wedding when I was about 4 years old. I played wedding with friends and started taking mental notes as to how I wanted my wedding to look from a very early age. When Arch asked me to marry him I finally had the missing piece to my imaginary wedding...the groom. In this imaginary wedding I wanted to look slim and trim, so in January 2006 I introduced myself to The South Beach Diet. From January to May 6th (my wedding date) I lost between 30-35 lbs and looked fantastic in my wedding dress. Then all bets were off for the reception and the honeymoon and slowly over time the weight I had lost crept back on until I was just as heavy...if not more than when I started South Beach in the first place. Then I finally found out I was pregnant with Ruth Ann and of course I didn't watch what I was eating...unless you count actually watching each delicious piece of fattening food literally entering my mouth. I had big plans of breast feeding Ruth Ann so I was counting of all the baby weight melting away with each feeding. Then Ruth Ann arrived and I was the heaviest I had ever been in my whole life...and she would not cooperate with breast feeding, so I was left to try shed this baby weight on my own...1 year later I reacquainted myself with The South Beach Diet and soon I was fitting back into all my pre-wedding clothes! I was so proud of myself...and then I found out I was pregnant with Tripp. I had plans of sticking with South Beach, but then morning sickness...or afternoon & evening sickness...set in and the one thing that made me feel better was a carbohydrate. Diet blown once more so I didn't hold back while I was pregnant and ate whatever whenever I wanted! Now Tripp has arrived and here I sit once more, heavier than ever but now I'm going back to work 4 weeks earlier than I did with Ruth Ann...meaning I have to get back into my work clothes pronto! Side note to those who may not have been pregnant yet...when you buy your maternity clothes, you're not just buying them for those months when you're pregnant...99% of us also wear those maternity clothes in the weeks and months post-delivery!

So, the time has come to go back to the Beach...South Beach that is. Arch & I have Valentine's Day plans, so the diet starts Tuesday. I need to shed about 40 lbs to be back to my pre-Tripp weight and my goal is to be back in my favorite jeans by the fall. I've done it before and I can do it again! Even if I had to shed 100 lbs...this little boy is worth every pound!!



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Auralee said...

You can do it!!!!! I'll be so jealous :)