Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm pretty proud of myself... I had to share.


I just completed my first smocked dress...start to finish...all by myself!

I started this dress months ago by cutting out the pattern, pleating the pattern, and then smocking the strawberries. Then it sat in my smocking bag for a few months...Spring was months away so it didn't bother me to have this unfinished project sitting around. But with the warm weather we're having in SC I've gotten in the mood to break out the warm weather clothes, so I pulled out my unfinished project. The last few dresses I've made have been with the supervision of my sewing teacher, but this week I decided to see if I could do it myself...and I did!!


Ruth Ann had an outfit last summer from Shrimp and Grits that was blue with red strawberries and I loved it to pieces...I may even try to fit her in it this summer too. When I found this smocking pattern I knew exactly what I want to make. I think I love this dress more because of all the time I put into making it. There are few mistakes but I'll learn from them and try not repeat them next time. One of my co-workers has a mother who smocks and sews a lot. I met with her on one of her last visits to SC and she gave me the best advise. She felt like I was too critical of my work (both smocking and sewing) and I needed to remember Ruth Ann is going to be running around while wearing this dress and no one will be able to see my little mistakes. She's right and that advice finally gave me to courage to sit down and tackle this pattern!

This is also Ruth Ann and Tripp's first brother/sister outfit since I made this little bubble before I went on maternity leave from sewing class.


I can't wait to fit little Tripp-man into this outfit!

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Sal-utations! said...

BEAUTIFUL! I share your love for blue with red smocking. When you have your own shop one day I want a table in it! :)