Thursday, February 24, 2011

Picnic in the park

A few weeks ago my mom and I took Ruth Ann to the park and on the way home she got a call from a friend. She was telling this friend about our park trip and how nice she thought the park was when this friend told her the other park in town was her grandkids favorite. The other park was were I grew up was close to our old house but I kinda remembered in being pretty run down when I was little so I was slightly nervous about what I was going to find. It was really a great park...we stayed for about 2 hours and only left because the Tripp-man hunger alarm starting going off. I had not planned on staying so long, but I'll be prepared for a long stay the next time we go...and if Ruth Ann has her way there will be lots more next times!

Although a little strange...the "musical instrument area" of the playground was a big hit with Ruth Ann. She loves the show Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr and walks around the house playing her air guitar saying "And a 1-2-3-4."


Watch out Matthew McConaughey...this girl may have you beat on the bongos...and she doesn't need any "other" help to get the beat going!



Here's one of the clowns...I mean friends we played with today. Brantley had just picked Mason up from school and there was a circus theme in his class today...hence the paint. We aren't training our kids for a life in the circus...although with Ruth Ann's roaring 2 year old attitude I often find myself telling her I'm going to send her to live with the gypsies which I guess are closely related.


Roper spent some time on the sidelines for a little juice break...


While these two tackled the jungle gym...


Roper eventually found a comfortable swing to relax in...


As did Mason...for a short period of time...if you know Mason then you know this boy doesn't stay in one place for very long...


Then Mason took off for another hot spot on the playground and Ruth Ann took a turn on the swing which didn't last long because if you know Ruth Ann then you know this girl doesn't stay in one place for very long either!


But all the fun came to an end when Tripp-man woke up and was ready to eat!


But a good time was had by all...and fabulous naps followed once we got home. Well, Ruth Ann started her nap about 2 minutes after we left the park...


And 2 hours later she's still napping!

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Carter said...

nice ... i see you have gotten some baby ambien, too!

Brantley said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Ruth Ann peeking from behind the tree! Looking forward to more fun park visits!