Thursday, May 17, 2012

One day he's going to hate me for this...

Where Tripp may not be as verbal as Ruth Ann was at this age, I feel like receptively he is much farther along than she was at 16 months. He understands simple directions...and he still is sweet enough to obey me unlike his 3 year old sister...and there are a few phrases you can not say out loud with him around unless you are getting ready to the thing you just said. For example, you can not say "Let's go outside." until you have your shoes on and are walking to the door or Tripp goes crazy...he wants to go that very second you said it. Another is "It's time for a bath."...he loves a bath and sometimes tries to get in before I'm ready for him to be in the water...



And what bath isn't made better with the addition of bubbles??


And who doesn't love a bubble beard??


One day he's going to kill me for posting his baby behind for all to see...but seriously, it's the cutest behind I've ever seen!

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