Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To The Zoo

On the Thursday before Easter we spent the afternoon at zoo with friends. This was just after the 2nd disastrous photo session for Tripp so I met everyone there...they parked at the Gardens and had a fun ride down to the zoo, I parked at the main zoo entrance and let my kids eat they're lunch while we waited for their tram to arrive at the zoo...


The sour look on Ruth Ann's face could be due to the following... 1-Eating lunch an hour later than usual 2-She's no good at waiting for anything 3-We were sitting very close to the flamingos and they stink! Regardless, it made for a funny picture. Tripp just relaxed and enjoyed a nugget...he's my little nugget eating a nugget!


Eventually he looked like this...


And once our friends got there...they were off...this picture makes me happy and question where the time is going all at the same time...


We fed goats, rode horses and had a fun afternoon with some of our best friends...

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These boys were just along for the ride...

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When did my baby go from being Duncan's size to Tripp's size??? And how much chubbier can those sweet thighs get???

We tried to get a group shoot...minus Duncan since he was only 2 weeks old...


Let's just say it was my 2nd disastrous photo session of the day...but notice how Mr. Uncooperative from earlier in the day is looking right at the camera...figures!

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