Thursday, July 26, 2012

End of 2yr Old Preschool

So this is super long over due...but I finally sat down and loaded 2 months worth of pictures and can finally update some fun times in the last few months that I dont' want to forget... We loved Ruth Ann's first year at Mt. Hebron Day School. The month of May was jammed packed with fun school activities and it seemed to make the month fly by. We started May by going to a graduation/end of school performance...

I have to add that in the days prior to this performance they sent home a letter asking little girls not wear giant bows in their hair so they didn't obstruct other kids.  I kinda felt like it read "Ruth Ann's momma, we're looking at you!"  I had a slight panic because as we've outgrown bows I've passed them onto others...I managed to find one I thought was acceptable!

Tripp came with us so that meant we had to make an early exit because he got a little bit tired of sitting quietly...


After the show was over we got to visit their classroom and see the art work they have been working on in art class every other week...


(Ruth Ann's art work is on her side closet to her hair bow) During the last week of school they had a field day...

1438 1440 1444 1461 1468 1469 1470 1498

And then the last day of school was upon us...a day I had been dreading. I love having Ruth Ann home with me during the summer and not having to get up to have her at school bright and early...but I'm always sad to have a reminder that yet another year is behind us and Ruth Ann is one more year older...and one more year farther away from being my little baby girl...tear.

1512 1519

And here are Ruth Ann's teachers, Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Catherine...such sweet teachers...we've been missing them this summer and will miss them next year too!

1531 1529

And Ruth Ann's BFF...


We are eagering waiting to get our teacher's assignment for net year and are looking forward to another great school year...way crazy that it's only 4 weeks away!

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