Thursday, July 26, 2012

Myrtle Beach Days

Thanks to having a generous & very sweet friend we've had lots of fun Myrtle Beach days...and lots of fun in the waves...and I don't care what the West Coast says because I love our Myrtle Days! A little beach music reference for those who enjoy & appreciate good beach music! I'm getting ready to overload you with our beach get ready...there are a ton of them because I think my kids are by far the cutest kids on the beach!

1319 1336 1363 114 122 129 136 147 152 158

One day Tripp is going to H-A-T-E me for this picture...but I love his little Coppertone tan and his little crooked crack...which he's had his whole life!

168 170 182 196 223 229

Sometimes I wonder why we didn't name this little girl "Archie Bruce McCarty, III"...they are two peas in a pod...

236 243 255 257 281 286 288 314

On our last trip we got to spend the day with my brother-in-law and his family...

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Page thought this pirate looked like Will Ferrell's brother in "Step Brothers"...I totally agree!

113 132 164

So much fun...but it's pretty hard not to have fun at Myrtle Beach with fun friends!

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