Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Friend's Kids

So as happy I was about spending time with one of my best friends, Amanda, I was also very excited to spend some time with her kids...and meet this sweet girl...


Sweet Selah. I've seen lots of pictures of this sweet pea, heard lots of good things about her...but I couldn't wait to get my hands on her! And thanks to Amanda's broken ankle, I got to get her out of her crib each morning, dress her and get plenty of snuggle time in. Selah's bag containing all her clothes for the weekend was accidentally forgotten...but since I haven't consigned Ruth Ann's summer clothes in size 6mth-9mths, I got to play dress-up with a baby girl for just a few more days...I loved it!!  She is just about the sweetest baby girl I've ever known!

Ruth Ann also got to hang out with Amanda's oldest...Asher. He's a year older than Ruth Ann and I have big plans of him watching out for Ruth Ann when she's a freshman at Auburn...


Even though I don't get to see these kids as often as I would like, I love them because they belong to Amanda. I feel the same way about all of my good friends kids...but Asher needed confirmation...

During his visit he had a rough night on Thursday night...he slept very little and when I woke up I found him on the couch in the living room. He told me he was keeping his parents up all night and they kicked him out of the bedroom. Amanda was positive he had and ear infection because he only sleeps like that...or rather doesn't sleep...when he has an ear infection. I needed to go by the ENT practice where I work anyway to pick up something from a co-worker so I told her I would check his ears. Turns out he did have fluid and one of the doctors I work for...who always restores my faith in where I work and reminds me that I work for & with really fabulous people...checked him out, confirmed he had an ear infection and wrote him a prescription. Amanda's husband had finished his work at Michelin, so he was back at my house waiting on us...when dropped off the kids for naps and then Amanda and I enjoyed a kid free afternoon. We picked his prescription up and headed home for Asher to take it and then Ruth Ann had soccer practice. Asher was dying to join her...but Amanda was really exhausted at this point so I offered to just take both of was just soccer practice, I could handle this solo...ha!!

Practice went smoothly and when they were finished I passed out bottles of water and loaded up Ruth Ann and Asher. A little over half way home I heard Asher start to cry, I looked up just in time to see him begin to throw up in the 3rd row of my car...Ruth Ann looked over to Asher sitting next to her just in time to get a front row seat...and she began crying like he had thrown up on her...oh, and keep in mind this is all happening on my birthday...and the Friday night before Tripp threw up all over me forcing me to take my clothes off in the back yard and hose them down.

Amanda and I have laughed about this...which is why we're friends. I told her I felt positive that I love Asher just like I love my own kids because while seeing him throw up and and then be forced to ride 5 more minutes home with it in my vehicle, I never got the urge to do the same...clearly, it's love. Asher just needed to make sure it was true. Amanda and I feel like this is the real test you should put anyone you're thinking of raising your children if something were to happen to you. I hope watching Asher vomit and not doing the same put me on the short list of who the Newmans would trust with their kids!

I tried hard to get a good picture of the whole group of's a few cute ones...

063 059 046

Even those this group of kids won't be seeing each other as much as I would know, like at least once a week...I have high hopes that the strength of my friendship with Amanda is going to be an example to them & no matter what the distance, they'll always pick right back up where they left off and enjoy the time they get to be together!

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The 1st of May said...

THAT is love!!! The group shot is great! Tripp's big smile is the sweetest!