Saturday, September 22, 2012


So for those of you who don't know me in real life or maybe you do but didn't realize it, yesterday was my 34th birthday. I'm posting this the day after my birthday since I didn't want to be all "It's my birthday!!"...but also because my hands were very full...more on that later. And as previously mentioned...I turned 34...blah...after I exited my 20's I've not been super excited about each birthday. But as this birthday got closer one of my best friends from college, Amanda, called to tell my husband had to make a business trip to my area and she wanted to tag along with her 2 kids...and it would be the week of my birthday! Also, in the weeks prior, her husband ended up with a giant infected wound on his shoulder which required surgery and is currently using a wound vac. Then, not to be out done, Amanda fell 2 weeks ago and broke her right ankle which has required a cast and the use of super cool...and very heavy...scooter in order to allow her any kind of mobility. Did I mention they are bound for Africa with a church mission trip in 2 weeks...they could use serious prayers so if you wouldn't mind pausing now to pray for some real life miracles for the Newman family I know they would appreciate it!

The Newmans arrived just after lunch on Wednesday and we had two and half days of FUN! My next post will be more about the fun with the kids, but right now I want to talk about the fun I had with my friend.


Amanda and I met when I was 17 years old at Camp War Eagle...which is college orientation for Auburn. I didn't realize this math until I was thinking about this post, but that means as I sit here typing these words as a 34 year old, Amanda and I have officially been friends for 1/2 of my life...I guess officially it wouldn't be until the summer of 2013...but it's pretty close. I can't explain to you just how nervous I was about leaving SC to move to Alabama to start college. But as I've said in past blog posts, God has always provided me with some of the greatest people to befriend me...and although Amanda will tell you she thought I was a bit freaky looking with my highlighted short hair cut and cartilage piercing in one ear...on our first day of classes in the Fall of 1996 we were both looking for familiar faces and in our freshman math class our friendship got started. I still spent weeks calling my mom crying about not having any friends like I had at home, but by the time I graduated from Auburn I had gained some of the best friends in my life.

So turning 34 doesn't feel any different from being 33...but the numbers don't match up with how I feel...I still feel 21. But this year, on my 34th birthday, I discovered the perfect way to celebrate any birthday...spend it with someone who knew you well at the age you actually feel! I had so much fun during my visit with Amanda...on her first night here I went to bed WAY after my usual bedtime...because when one of your best friends is in your house you just don't want to waste your time with silly things like sleeping...I guess girls are always that way when having a friend spend the night! And although I still feel like we were just at Auburn together, there were a few sobering reminders this week that we are now mommas in our mid 30' leaving dinner to come home and pay the babysitter or cleaning a child's vomit out of the backseat of my car...but all those things show how our friendship has evolved...from two scared teenagers starting college to confident college graduates, being in each others weddings to sharing in the excitement of welcoming our babies into the world. I can't imagine my last 17 years without Amanda in my circle of friends and I'm looking forward to the next 70 years! Thanks for the birthday visit Newmans!  I loved every last eventful moment of your visit and can't wait to do it again soon!

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