Saturday, September 8, 2012

Organized Sports??

So Arch thinks I'm crazy for doing this...but I decided to sign Ruth Ann up for soccer for the Fall 2012 Under 4 league. He's always bothered by little kids playing organized sports...but if you know my husband then you know he's often bothered by lots of crazy things. My expectations of this season are low because I'm not going to pretend this is the path that will set Ruth Ann off onto a life time of superior soccer skills. I've always said I wanted her to play soccer, not because I ever did, but because those kids run their behinds off...and while she still finds running to be fun (and not a huge obstacle like her mother) I want to help foster that fun and maybe she'll keep wanting to run forever...we'll see.

We discovered at the first practice that Ruth Ann is the only girl on her team. I requested this team for 2 reasons...our friend Roper is on the team and the coach is married to a friend I grew up with and she was a great soccer player so I knew Ruth Ann stood a chance of learning a thing or two about soccer. For those who read this blog and went to Lexington, Rachel Peter's husband is it's been fun watching our kids play together too.

  We finished our 2nd practice last night...

120 132

Here's the team. Coach Drew is so patient with these kids...they all seem to listen and do exactly what he asks of them...I would feel like I was herding cats!


This girl is competitive...I have no idea where she gets it! She was so funny the first night of practice...every time she would kick the soccer ball into the goal she would discreetly do a small fist pump and say "Yesss!" very softly. One problem, she seems to think everyone is going to have their own soccer ball when they play Sunday...she's in for a big surprise!

139 147 153

Roper watched Mason play last year...and now he's ready to have his turn!


Ruth Ann, like her daddy, loves a bottle of water. Here she is enjoying a water little blond girl gets very red cheeck when she's hot...unlike her momma, she just keeps going & going!


And what do little brothers do while big sisters practice...they get hot & sweaty...and a little dirty...


Arch thinks it's going to be chaotic tomorrow...and I'm sure it will be...but I can't wait to see my little competitive girl take the field!

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