Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An eventful weekend

So all last week I was having contractions, but never close enough to call the doctor. On sunday they got to be about 10 minutes apart and I was having a lot of pressure...I was sure I had dilated more. We called the doctor and we were told to head up to the hospital...music to my ears. I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and a monitor to measure my contractions, which increased in regularity, but ultimatly stopped that night only to start up again monday morning. However, after being checked 3 times I did not dilated any further and we were sent home without a newborn baby. The silver lining...I'm scheduled for an induction on MONDAY, DEC. 1ST!! So unless Ruth Ann decides otherwise, we have 5 more days to go until we meet this baby girl. I should have known she wouldn't be here before Thanksgiving. She is afterall a McCarty and probably doesn't want to miss out on a big Thanksgiving feast!

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