Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pregnancy update...week 36

Just wanted to let everyone know what I found out at my doctor's appointment this afternoon. I've officially begun to dilate! This afternoon I was a "good 1 cm" and the doctor was able to feel Ruth Ann's head in the downward position. We're heading in the right direction even though I often feel her trying to stretch one of her legs out through my right side and I'm fairly sure this is not the exit she will be taking! My bags are packed and I'm hoping things are going to start happening sooner rather than later...stay tuned for more updates!

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The Howell family said...

YaY for progress and for head down! I guess she's a procrastinator or just likes attention :) I'm praying for you! Hopefully she'll come sooner than later but she has a divine appointment set in place before she was a thought in your heads. I look forward to the day!

Brantley said...

Wow -- you have been a busy blogger! Good idea to add some new posts before Ruth Ann gets here. :) Can't wait to meet her!