Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pregnancy update...week 37 (& 1/2 but who's counting?)

I continued to experience a lot of contractions this week but these were much more regular and much stronger than what I had experienced in the past weeks(which I made plainly clear at my appointment today). Turns out I'm now 2 cm dilated and between 30-50% effaced!! I hope this means the stork is circling and ready to bring us our baby girl. I also asked for a weight estimate and of course I know this isn't an exact science, but I can't help but be curious. Today's guess was around 6lbs. However, here's some food for thought...I was 2 weeks early and weighed in at 8lbs and my brother was 2 weeks late and weighed in at 10lbs 2oz! If following the maternal line predicts baby's birth weight then Ruth Ann will most likily be closer to 8lbs rather than 6lbs. We'll see. I also found out my doctor is on call this weekend, so she would do the delivery if Ruth Ann decides to show herself this weekend. I've got my list of people to call, but if in all the excitement you don't hear from us, keep checking the blog. I'll find a way to have it updated should we meet the newest McCarty before my next appointment on Wednesday!

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