Friday, November 28, 2008

Ruth Ann's Nursery

So I've been asked by many of you to post pictures of Ruth Ann's nursery. The reason for the delay is that I wanted to wait until the project was complete. There are still some finishing touches (pictures for the wall yet to be purchased, a bookcase, and some pictures of the baby girl, etc) but for the most part we're finished. The curtains were the finishing touch and took longer than expected to get hung due to my error...mental note, don't assume you know window measurements when ordering expandable curtain rods. Always measure and then order. This week I finally got everything straightened out and Arch hung them this morning.

This is the view when you walk into her room. If anyone is ever going to paint a room pink I would highly recommend you purchase sample sizes and paint a small area in the room first. I went through 10 different colors before settling on the perfect shade of pink.

Here is her beautiful bed that we have on loan from Andrea...thanks again to Anna and Andrea for letting Ruth Ann use Anna's fabulous bed. Thanks also to Grammy for Ruth Ann's first stuffed tiger...I'm sure she'll love it until she starts her freshman year at Auburn!

Ruth Ann's a very lucky many little girls can say the have 2 closets in their room? This picture gives you a good view of her curtains which were made for me by a family friend, Tammy Link. She is very talented and Ruth Ann's room would not have been complete without them. My error in curtain rods revealed an error I made in ordering fabric for the curtains. Tammy was kind enough to work with me to straighten my mistake out. Thanks again Tammy!

Here's Lacie Lou checking out the room. The chair she's in is by far the most fabulous seat in our house. It's comfy, it rocks and reclines! I know I'll be spending lots of time here once Ruth Ann arrives. Lacie will most likely be right next to me keeping me company.

I wanted a good shot of the light fixture in her room. This was a gift from my mom's friend Ann Nichols (she also provided to the curtain rods). This light was the perfect finishing touch for Ruth Ann's room. Thanks Ann!

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