Saturday, April 11, 2009

My favorite bows

I've become quite the expert on hairbows since Ruth Ann was born & I've become fairly picky about bow quality. I have found the BEST bows on ebay. The vendor's name is Michelle Knight and her store is just*bella*bows. I placed a bid for the bows I purchased, so I ended up paying $11 for 10 bows, but you can buy them directly from her too. The prices vary based on the size you order...these are the infant bows...but I don't think you pay more than $20 for 10 bows in any of the sizes. For those of you with girlies and you haven't priced bows...that is a steal for hair bows. I like multiple things about these bows...1) They are very symetrical & well made...she obviously takes her time when making these bows...2) The ribbon is starched to they look sharp...3) She lines them with a material that grips fine hair...4) The metal alligator clip is lined with a ribbon so you don't see the silver metal.
These bows are better than any bow I've seen in the boutiques I've shopped in for Ruth Ann. Buy from this vendor so she will stay around for me to buy bows for years to come!

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