Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My favorite t-shirt

010, originally uploaded by taramccarty1978.

This is my favorite t-shirt...but I love anything with a kitty on it. When Anna came home I bought anything that had a cat on it to give to her. Andrea and I have lots of things in common...our love for our furry feline friends is just one of many things that we share in common. Our hope was that Anna would also love kitty cats if she had lots & lots of cat stuff...it's working on Anna, so we're attempting it with Ruth Ann. Ruth Ann's name sake (my Grandma) was also a big lover of kitty cats. I know she would LOVE seeing Ruth Ann is all things kitty. Now I buy anything I see with a kitty on it and Andrea is doing the same. We came home from Auburn with several cute kitty items...but this is my favorite!

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